The Imperium

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 3)

Anyone have manacles? Of course you all do!

DM’s Note: So what happened this session and what I had sketched out to happen this session weren’t even close. But to be honest, I couldn’t be more pleased. An entire session of just rping with some skill checks involved.

Emboldened by sense of justice or maybe just because they’d reached their maximum number of people they can kill in a 24 hour period, the group hatches an amazing plan to take down Ezrin the cult loving livery owner. And when they found out his cousin, a town constable named Gervin is turning a blind eye to this, they decide to take him down.

A great plan was developed and executed with the group ending up with a letter from Ezrin introducing them to the priestess of Torog, Morganna and basically outlining the connection between the bandits and the cult. Ezrin and Gervin eventually found themselves in cells under the temple of Moradin.



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