The Imperium

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 4)

Knocking on the door!

DMs Note: After talking with a DM friend of mine, I decided to alter the way I do skill challenges. We ended going through like 3 encounters this night, which is something we hadn’t done since the 0 level adventure.

The party was joined by the eladrin sorceror Berrian while Merlin and Lucifer got lost in the woods. The group succeeded at sneaking up on the abandoned mine now cult headquarters. Outside the mine they found 2 halflings, a one-handed gnoll, and several constructs. Tatiano launched an attack at one of the consturcts, only to have a bolt of lightning come flying back at him and the party.

The battle ensued and it was back and forth, but the heroes succeeded and were just on the doorstep to the mine.



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