The Imperium

On The River (Part 1)

A three hour tour

DM’s Note: It was a great session in my opinion and I lost! It was good to get you guys hooked up with Drogoto and the goblins.

Arriving in Traverse, the party found out that traveling through Elmsfjord was going to be an issue with the Grand Duke closing it off after being rejected as the heir apparent by the crown council. After talking with some merchants, Drogoto showed up and moved the party to a private room where they were told about what happened in Solvestra. He also thought he had a plan to get around the issue with the river being closed.

During the early part of the trip, the party was given the chance to try their hand manning the Empress’ Fortune, which ended badly as the ship crashed into the riverbank. After the crash, the ship was ambushed by lizardfolk. The party fended off the ambush.



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