The Imperium

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 2)
That little bitch threw daggers at us!

DM’s Note: I think this was the first time I bloodied Ayrlen. Joy!

The party followed Karolis’ instructions after allowing the dwarf to throw on some clothing. As they snuck up on the camp, they were able to confirm that there were other survivors like the dwarf had said.

Striking quickly, a pitched battle ensure and a couple tents got set on fire. But at the end, the enemies were slain. But in the searching for loot afterwards, a letter was found from a person named M. to a person named E.

With these clues in hand and a battered dwarf in tow, the party finally gets to Grenell and meets Father Parnell. He provides them a space to rest and reviews the letter, figuring out who E and M are. E is Enda Yata, a halfling who’s family used to have a gem mine, but the mine had run out. M was most likely Mosely Gray, a halfling ruffian from a neighboring town who ran a small gang with his two brothers.

In the letter, Ezrin, a local gnomish livery owner is singled out as the person to sell stolen horses to. The intrepid group begins planning how they’re going to take him down. Also how they’re going to convince the council of elders to cough up some money for them doing this.

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 1)
Nearly naked dwarf in the woods

D.M. Note: I was truly terrified that Hugh was going to kill the dwarf and ruin that adventure hook. Man I would have been in a bad spot.

So the band of heroes is on the road trying to make their way to Grenell Homestead after leaving Solvestra. They were just a half a day from arriving at the small gem mining town when they were surprised on the road. Karolis is screaming about wolves and bandits. He stops for a moment just before several wolves appear out of the woods. Most of the party moved to address the wolves, while Hugh decided to knock out the dwarf.

After a short couple of rounds of combat appeared “wardens” claiming the dwarf was their prisoner. The story was shakey and Ayrlen called the bluff. The party quickly launched an all out assault at the enemies. It was a pitched battle but the heroes once again are victorious.

They revived Karolis and he told them how he was captured and attacked. He said several of his fellow merchants were still being held. The party decided to go to the bandits’ camp.

Time To Get Out of Town (part 2)

DM’s Note: This was one of my favorite sessions so far. The battle was crazy awesome and the teaming up worked very well.

As the group was leaving the Raging Dragon Inn to go investigate Delrish and look into the tattoo shops of the Downs Ward. It didn’t take long though before the party noticed amongst the normal crowd on the plaza were some thuggish looking characters. Before they could do anything, they were being attacked.

And then in the distance three figures approached and were recognized, as the half-orc and human guards met down by the river. They made it clear this was payback from the boss. The party and their enemies clashed. With the aid of their new companions, the thugs were wiped out and two of the three guards turned toughs were down. The group managed to take one of the half-orcs prisoner just as Alarishic and city guards arrived. After a quick look at the thugs, it was determined they were members of a street gang called the Red Hand. And that another gang, the Blue Spear had attacked Oshlin’s business.

Alarishic brought the group back to the Inn and told them they had to leave. They were given some more money, some items to help them, and told to get to Grenell Homestead and then to Traverse where they could meet up with Drogoto.

Time To Get Out of Town (part 1)
Another roleplay encounter...yeah another roleplay encounter.

DM’s Note: So on the advice of a DM friend and other sources, I decided I needed to move the group out of the city for a bit. I created a bunch of different ways for the group to find their way out, but they were leaving one way or another

The party grows again…this time a warforged wizard named Merlin and an elf ranger named Varis with a big cat companion join up. The group comes down to find the inn somewhat empty, but friends, associates, and Oshlin are there.

The party is paid for their services and find out that Oshlin was the victim of a protection scam being run by the mercenary captain Delrish. She couldn’t prove it fully, but the party seemed like they were willing to take things into their own hands to prove it.

The party then was told the true motives behind Vrash and Father Denek’s boons. They belong to an organization called the Inner Circle. This group covertly protects the empire from enemies without and within. The group was offered the chance of being agents for the Inner Circle.

A private conversation revealed that Father Denek has been trying to research what the great evil was that brought down the dragonborn and tiefling empires and propelled the formation of the empire all those years ago. He said every avenue he tried to pursued led him now where, but he had an associate in Stony Path that had access to an ancient library. But Denek’s duties keep him tied to the city so he couldn’t go himself.

A conversation with Vrash reveal that his interests lately have been researching the great dragonborn empire of old. He, like many dragonborn, are wistful about the empire that was, though most of what is known now is more legend than fact. But he’s heard of a site in the Hammer Fast Mountains where one of the legendary flying citadels is said to have crashed. He inquired if the party could go to investigate and bring back any relics or artifacts of the old dragonborn empire.

Alarishic showed up to inform the group that the caverns were being throughly gone over by the city guards. He didn’t have enough to put Delrish and the wererats together, but he would keep an eye out. He did though have a concern about the other information that he’d been hearing. Out in the east, he’d heard that in the wastes a warlord was beginning to put together an army of wild men, goblins, orcs, and other creatures. He was interested in using adventuring types like the group to go investiage.

Finally the party is greated by the goblin pirate captain Drogoto, his men, and the cook Ilya. Lita instantly went to the little female goblin to see how she was doing. Ilya told Lita that she was going to open a stall in the docks area to sell delicious goblin cuisine since there was a great shortage of it there. But she also shared that she’d had a dream-vision that Drogoto was going to be killed returning to T’Neth Dranor and that she wanted the party to go to protect him.

Lita asked Father Denek if he could protect Ilya when Drogoto left the city and help her with her stall. Father Denek said he actually had an opening in the chapel for a cook. The party then talked with the pirate captain who was now a merchant captain…and probably a smuggler. Drogoto spun a tale of great wealth he’d left behind in the goblin kingdom of T’Neth Dranor. He said he’d planned to go back after the party had saved him from the Elemental Chaos, but that he’d made some enemies in his past and might need some show of force. With the offer of a percent of the loot he’d left behind plus anything they got along the way, they agreed to travel with Drogoto. The wily goblin was happy and said he would be ready to leave the city in a few days, after loading up some cargo.

With some time on their hands, some money in their pockets, the party decided to head out to collect evidence about Delrish and Lita wanted to get a tattoo.

Under the Quarter (part 6)
Grossing out the players is fun

DM’s Note: We had a small crew for this adventure, but the tactics started to really come together for this encounter.

Lita, Ayrlen, Tatiano, and Lucifer leave the guard Dorn to go inspect the cave opening that Lita had spotted. The cavern system had more evidence of wererats. A scream from a victim made the heroes come running to find 3 of the rat men tearing apart one of the washing women. A battle ensued and our heroes ended up victorious, though Lita had contracted filth fever from several bites she received. They returned to the Inn to let Vrash know they were done. Father Denek was called to come treat Lita and Oshlin will stop by to deliver the reward she’d promised the group.

Under the Quarter (part 5)
Time to do some roleplaying...

DM’s Note: The scene with Oshlin was planned. The meeting the guards and all that, totally improvised. But it gave me great ideas for the big battle to come.

The party got a good night’s rest and a good breakfast before meeting Oshlin. The tough as nails business woman implied that she got to her position of power through intimidation and force, but that she was losing girls now and she had no clue why or how. She believed they, or so she said, that they were running off to live in the rural parts of the Crownlands. But either way she wasn’t happy with the mercenary guards she’d hired to watch her workers. So she offers to hire the party to go find out and solve her problem.

A quick trip through the quarter and out a city gate finds the group at the riverbank again. This time they run into two half-orc serving as sentries to the washer women, Thunk and Grok. Not the wisest in appearance, the two explain that even though they’re now watching the women, so have gone missing.

The party then encounters another guard who’s sleeping on duty while sitting on a rock. The human guard named Dorn is more concerned about being ratted out then any threat to the women or himself. While the conversation goes on, Lita notices a strange shadowy shape against the rock wall and tries to alert her companions. After pulling a few of them to the ground to check out the sight, they decide they will investigate.

Under the Quarter (part 4)
Zombies can shoot bows?

DM’s Note: Guillermo and Sylvia were on vacation for this session so Hugh and Mikal faded to the background.

Following a tunnel out of the previous chamber of pirate zombies found the party facing down some more undead, including zombie goblin archers, rot hounds, and regular zombie goblins. An opening tactical mistake and the surprise that the undead can still be lethal with bows nearly dropped Fayth. The party regrouped and with malice in their eyes took the zombie threat down.

They then followed a tunnel out of the caverns beneath the city. After a quick stroll along the river banks, they found their way into the city walls and made their way to the Raging Dragon Inn.

They quickly were introduced to Alarishic Silder, a deputy minister in the Ministry of Order and a captain in the city guard. Alarishic also turns out to be related to Father Denek. The party recounts their encounters under the city including the encounter with the zombie goblin pirates. The information is both understandable due to the city of Solvestra’s past as a haven for pirates, but that these zombies were never encountered before. They also mention finding pieces of fabric in the wererats’ nest, which Vrash identified as belonging to the washer women who work for Oshlin.

The party is offered food, drink, a chance to clean up, and some rest while Vrash and Father Denek work on setting up a meeting with Oshlin to see what she wants to do about protecting her workers from wererats.

Under the Quarter (part 3)

DM’s Note: Again working off of recollections and stuff.

The party was faced with two different paths to leave the cavern they were in. They found a natural path out and they found a secret door. Listening through the door, they heard scraping sounds and the sound of steps. They wedged the door with a blade and then took a bit of a rest.

While above in the Inn, a restored Hugh, Mikal, and an ally of Father Denek’s a mysterious woman named Fayth were sent down to the party lend them aid.

After the rest and the addition of new party members, they moved through the secret door to find it full of goblin and hobgoblin…zombies. And pirate zombies at that! Lita revealed the power of her faith as she struck with her Smite Undead power, decimating the enemy and surviving for another encounter.

Under the Quarter (part 2)
Wererats and cave ins!

DM’s Note: My notes and recall of this event are a little foggy.

Hugh and Mikal stayed behind and returned to the Raging Dragon Inn to get Hugh treated for the filth fever he’d caught. Meanwhile Lucifer, a half-orc barbarian who’d been training at Vrash’s suggestion arrived at the Inn, just as a fashionably late Tati did. Father Denek used a ritual to send the two down to aid the party.

Which was just in time as they looked at what was below the grate and found a nest of wererats. Just as they entered the cavern, one of the evil beasts springed a trap, causing a devastating roof cave in. It forced the party to decide to either press forward into the cavern to take on the wererats or to go back. With an impulsive act, the party moved in and took the fight to the enemy. A pitched fight took place and the party narrowly survived the combination of falling rocks and evil lycanthropes.

Under the Quarter (part 1)
Vermin in the cellar

DM’s Notes: Jason filled in playing Hugh while Guillermo stayed home to take care of a sick baby. After this session, Jason joined the group playing the half-orc barbarian Lucifer.

So Lita, Mikal, Ayrlen, and Hugh returned to The Raging Dragon Inn at the invite of Vrash the dragonborn war hero. He’d made good on his promises to get you all the training you would need. The group found Vrash is a particularly foul mood and facing a mutiny from his gnome employees. Vrash explained that he was facing a larger than normal infestation of rats. He was considering hiring a halfling crew to exterminate the rats. The party volunteered to take a crack at it, with Vrash promising a month of free room and board should they be successful.

After a rough encounter with a subcellar full of filth rats, giant rats, dire rats, and a rat swarm, Hugh laid on death’s door. When he awoke, he wasn’t feeling that great. The crew then found there way to an even lower level and to a mysterious grate that the scared mice of the room rushed down. With some nimble moves, the party successfully opened the grate silently.


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