The Imperium

0 Level Adventure
How do you cheer up the aspect of a goddess?

The former employees of the noble No’kash family awaken to find themselves bruised, beaten, and smelling of the sewers. But they find that Father Denek has rescued them. He has a task for them which involves him sending these untried and definitely untested group to an island in the Elemental Chaos. He’d once been there in his younger days and found an aspect of the goddess Dennari there. She was trapped by her own grief and while the half-elf priest could do nothing to aid the goddess, he felt her call and dedicated his life to serving her. No an older man, he’s feeling her power ebbing and needs someone to free the aspect.

The party is whisked through a portal into the Elemental Chaos and told they have 24 hours to complete their mission or be stuck there. The party upon arriving hear the terrible sounds of the goddess wailing and the strange sounds of a voice on the wind. They avoid meeting a group of goblin pirates, though eventually help a lone goblin they find in the grove of the desecrated temple. Ilya tells the party about how she is the cook on the pirate ship that came to the Elemental Chaos through a strange portal and that since they’d been there, they’d been commanded by a disembodied voice calling itself the Prince of Storms. The goblins have been searching for something in the temple but they aren’t exactly sure what it is they are looking for. But they’ve encountered undead creatures that have killed, including the party she’d been part of. She only barely survived. Lita was moved by the little goblin and helped nurse her to health, finding that the water of the nearby stream had healing properties.

The party decided to go into the temple, exploring a little but becoming focused on finding a hole in the roof that Ilya had mentioned. They climbed to the roof and quickly found the ruined main chamber section. They spotted the aspect of the goddess and the undead creatures. They lowered themselves into the chamber. Lita, Ayrlen, and Tatiano headed to the altar to speak with the goddess, while the rest of the party watched the zombies and skeletons. With prayers and pleadings, the goddess was brought to peace and gave Tatiano a boon.

With Dennari released, the party quickly left the chamber and headed back to the portal only to find the remaining goblin pirates blocking their way. The flamboyant goblin captain Drogoto demanded the party take his crew back with them or they would have to fight them. With a bit of a quick study, it was determined that the rings could allow them to take a goblin back with them.

Father Denek was shocked when the party and the pirates showed up. After dismissing the pirates, Father Denek introduced them to Vrash the dragonborn hero of the Last War. Vrash promised Denek he would see that all of the party was trained in their respective desired paths.

Character Creation
Making Zero Level Characters

Lita, Tatiano, Ayrlen, and Hugh were born this night. So were other characters, but we’re talking about those still active in the campaign. Introduced the world of 4e to some people and rekindled the love/hate of it with others.


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