The Imperium

Drogoto's Return (part 2 & 3)
Rescuing Pasha from the Kovar Tellris

DM’s Note: So this actually took the 4/14 and 4/21 sessions but why is that a big thing right?

The party is awoken the morning after the street fight to find officials from the city there to question them about the fight. Apparently the officials have been having issues with the Kovar Tellris and were not only willing to absolve the party of any crime, but ended up hiring the party to help drive the Kovar Tellris from Dhaman, offering bounties for payment.

They help point the party in the direction of the blood trail left by the fleeing goblin, which the party followed. Tracking down the goblin, he was quickly interrogated and dispatched. Then began the assault on the warehouse headquarters.

After moving through some sentries on the upper floors and dealing with a couple hobgoblins, the party moved down stairs to find Pasha bound and bleeding and a bugbear torturing her. They took the fight to the bugbear, leaving him to die in a burst of Lita’s radiant energy and Merlin’s fiery magic.

Pasha was freed, though something was off. Lita inspecting and healing the wounds Pasha had received noticed they didn’t seem like much more than something superficial. The party was skeptical and knocked out, bound, and bagged the goblin.

Returning to the Fortune, the party told Drogoto and a plan was hatched to keep an eye on Pasha while playing off like they trust her. The party was told to buy what supplies they needed that day, because the next morning they were heading out to recover Drogoto’s treasure.

Drogoto's Return (part 1)
Making friends in a new town!

D.M.’s Note: Not exactly how I planned for the evening to go, but man was it fun.

The party left Wyrth Crannog to continue their trip to Dhaman on their quest to help recover Drogoto’s treasure. During the trip, Drogoto told about the city of Dhaman and M’Oreth told about visions and prophecies about T’Neth Dranor and what could happen if they don’t have a king on the throne.

Drogoto was planning on meeting with his former associate Pasha, as she is needed to recover his treasure. She was supposed to be meeting him at the docks when they arrived. When the ship arrived though, only the dock workers were present to greet Drogoto and the ship. Drogoto remembered that Pasha and he used to hang out at the Wrecked Galleon Inn, so the group headed off that way.

After arriving at the inn, the party soon found out that Pasha was last seen 3 days ago in the company of some hobgoblins. Luckily for the party, the hobgoblins returned for a meal that evening. They wore on their clothing an insignia that Lita recognized as a symbol of Bane, the Dark General. Drogoto fished around for information and turned up that these men were part of a group called the Kovar Tellris. The Kovar Tellris is some sort of paramilitary group that is trying to take over the city and have designs on the kingdom.

After an attempt to bluff the hobgoblins failed, the party and the group of Kovar Tellris ended up in a street battle. One goblin survived, but the party returned to the ship to rest and regroup.

On The River (Part 5)
There be dragons!

D.M.’s Note: I worried the encounter was too powerful when I was setting it up.

With Izzrik joining the party, the assault on Durganza’s lair began. The dragon gambled and tried to square off with Hugh, Lita, and Izzrik. Nearly killing Lita, Durganza was repeatedly struck by magic and then Merlin’s summoned shadow serpent laid into the dragon. It was over quickly and the dragon’s kobold allies died as well.

With the tribe liberated, a feast of dragon flesh ensued. Members of the party are now considered members of the tribe and all left with souvenirs of the dragon, skin, teeth, claws, and scales.

Carrying back with them to the crannog a letter from Izzrik, stating his intention to have the lizardfolk and the crannog begin a new era, where trade replaces raiding.

Drogoto informed the party that they will be able to leave soon and that they will be joined by the swamp shaman M’Oreth as they travel to Dhaman.

On The River (Part 4)
Killing a traitor

D.M.’s Note: The fire pit was supposed to be for my use, but man Ayrlen used it like a champ.

The party moved into the village proper and were alerted to where they could find the traitorous marsh mystic Kavas and his supporters. The party quickly engaged with his bodyguard and retinue. Several times the lizardfolk found themselves stuck in the fire pit. Even with the near killing of Hugh, the party rallied and defeated the loyal servants of Tiamat.

On The River (Part 3)
Securing the hatchery

D.M.’s Notes: I love how in 4th edition, everything has a chance to be a challenge. Kobolds can be tough as you guys saw this night.

The party entered the Blackmarsh’s hatchery in the first move in helping liberate the tribe. With a request by Izzrik to be careful of the eggs in the hatchery, the party moved in and quickly engaged the kobolds. With powerful magics and strength of weapons, the hatchery was soon kobold free. The lizardfolk knowing their potential young were safe began rallying to over throw their oppressors.

On The River (Part 2)
Deep in the muck

DM’s Note: Another great session in my opinion. Good chunk of RPing going on as the party got to know the goblin crew and then again when meeting the leaders of the Wyrth Crannog.

The party got back underway on the river, with news that the ship was only slightly damaged from the attack, but enough so that they would need to get to Wyrth Crannog and do the repairs. Wyrth Crannog is a human settlement that after the Last War ended up on the T’Neth Dranor side of the border. The party had to disembark to scout the swamp as the ship entered the Bloody Narrows, finding the wrecked hull of another ship Serene Princess. The ship was mostly stripped, but a deeper inspection the party uncovered some gold and magic items. After arriving in the crannog, they became aware that the lizardfolk were getting way more aggressive. At dinner with the local leaders, it became even more deeply known. The party agreed to look into this while Drogoto finished fixing the boat. The party was taken to a cut in the swamp and given sending stones to use to call the rivermen back. After a short time in the swamp, the party realized they were being followed. Eventually they were faced by Izzirk and his allies. Izzrik explained to the party, with Tatiano translating that the Blackmarsh tribe was being forced to be more aggressive because a black dragon named Durganza had killed the old chief and was ruling the tribe by fear. Durganza is assisted by “dog-lizards” which they finally figured out were kobolds. The kobolds are keeping the tribe’s eggs hostage. Durganza was also helped by the tribe’s mystic, a devotee of Tiamat named Kavas and his followers. Izzrik draws a map in the mud explaining the village’s layout. Izzrik asks only that the party minimizes hurting tribal members and in the end, that he can help fight the dragon.

On The River (Part 1)
A three hour tour

DM’s Note: It was a great session in my opinion and I lost! It was good to get you guys hooked up with Drogoto and the goblins.

Arriving in Traverse, the party found out that traveling through Elmsfjord was going to be an issue with the Grand Duke closing it off after being rejected as the heir apparent by the crown council. After talking with some merchants, Drogoto showed up and moved the party to a private room where they were told about what happened in Solvestra. He also thought he had a plan to get around the issue with the river being closed.

During the early part of the trip, the party was given the chance to try their hand manning the Empress’ Fortune, which ended badly as the ship crashed into the riverbank. After the crash, the ship was ambushed by lizardfolk. The party fended off the ambush.

Get To Grenell Homestead (Part 5)
Something wicked this way summoned...almost

DM’s Note: A friend from high school joined the group to see how we play and whether he wanted to join us. And he decided he did.

The party decided that after the battle in front of the mine, they needed to rest. With some ingenious rigging of traps and Lita’s decision to Weekend At Bernie’s the dead around the camp, the party got some rest and was ready to take on the cult.

Once in the front door they realize there’s a trapped section of floor and a bunch of crawling hands. With some deft thinking and savage hand slapping, the group made it to the main chamber of the cult to find a ritual in process.

The group surprised the cultists and launched into an attack, only to find the cultists were not only crazy but very dangerous. A quick battle ensued, but the goal of stopping Morgana from completing her summoning ritual took front stage. Hugh, with an impressive show of movement and a desire to smash an evil halfling priestes, ended the ritual in the bloodiest way possible.

The group returned to the city to be rewarded for wiping out the cult and ending the threat to the caravans.

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 4)
Knocking on the door!

DMs Note: After talking with a DM friend of mine, I decided to alter the way I do skill challenges. We ended going through like 3 encounters this night, which is something we hadn’t done since the 0 level adventure.

The party was joined by the eladrin sorceror Berrian while Merlin and Lucifer got lost in the woods. The group succeeded at sneaking up on the abandoned mine now cult headquarters. Outside the mine they found 2 halflings, a one-handed gnoll, and several constructs. Tatiano launched an attack at one of the consturcts, only to have a bolt of lightning come flying back at him and the party.

The battle ensued and it was back and forth, but the heroes succeeded and were just on the doorstep to the mine.

Get to Grenell Homestead (Part 3)
Anyone have manacles? Of course you all do!

DM’s Note: So what happened this session and what I had sketched out to happen this session weren’t even close. But to be honest, I couldn’t be more pleased. An entire session of just rping with some skill checks involved.

Emboldened by sense of justice or maybe just because they’d reached their maximum number of people they can kill in a 24 hour period, the group hatches an amazing plan to take down Ezrin the cult loving livery owner. And when they found out his cousin, a town constable named Gervin is turning a blind eye to this, they decide to take him down.

A great plan was developed and executed with the group ending up with a letter from Ezrin introducing them to the priestess of Torog, Morganna and basically outlining the connection between the bandits and the cult. Ezrin and Gervin eventually found themselves in cells under the temple of Moradin.


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