The Imperium

Get To Grenell Homestead (Part 5)

Something wicked this way summoned...almost

DM’s Note: A friend from high school joined the group to see how we play and whether he wanted to join us. And he decided he did.

The party decided that after the battle in front of the mine, they needed to rest. With some ingenious rigging of traps and Lita’s decision to Weekend At Bernie’s the dead around the camp, the party got some rest and was ready to take on the cult.

Once in the front door they realize there’s a trapped section of floor and a bunch of crawling hands. With some deft thinking and savage hand slapping, the group made it to the main chamber of the cult to find a ritual in process.

The group surprised the cultists and launched into an attack, only to find the cultists were not only crazy but very dangerous. A quick battle ensued, but the goal of stopping Morgana from completing her summoning ritual took front stage. Hugh, with an impressive show of movement and a desire to smash an evil halfling priestes, ended the ritual in the bloodiest way possible.

The group returned to the city to be rewarded for wiping out the cult and ending the threat to the caravans.



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