The Imperium

On The River (Part 2)

Deep in the muck

DM’s Note: Another great session in my opinion. Good chunk of RPing going on as the party got to know the goblin crew and then again when meeting the leaders of the Wyrth Crannog.

The party got back underway on the river, with news that the ship was only slightly damaged from the attack, but enough so that they would need to get to Wyrth Crannog and do the repairs. Wyrth Crannog is a human settlement that after the Last War ended up on the T’Neth Dranor side of the border. The party had to disembark to scout the swamp as the ship entered the Bloody Narrows, finding the wrecked hull of another ship Serene Princess. The ship was mostly stripped, but a deeper inspection the party uncovered some gold and magic items. After arriving in the crannog, they became aware that the lizardfolk were getting way more aggressive. At dinner with the local leaders, it became even more deeply known. The party agreed to look into this while Drogoto finished fixing the boat. The party was taken to a cut in the swamp and given sending stones to use to call the rivermen back. After a short time in the swamp, the party realized they were being followed. Eventually they were faced by Izzirk and his allies. Izzrik explained to the party, with Tatiano translating that the Blackmarsh tribe was being forced to be more aggressive because a black dragon named Durganza had killed the old chief and was ruling the tribe by fear. Durganza is assisted by “dog-lizards” which they finally figured out were kobolds. The kobolds are keeping the tribe’s eggs hostage. Durganza was also helped by the tribe’s mystic, a devotee of Tiamat named Kavas and his followers. Izzrik draws a map in the mud explaining the village’s layout. Izzrik asks only that the party minimizes hurting tribal members and in the end, that he can help fight the dragon.



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