The Imperium

On The River (Part 5)

There be dragons!

D.M.’s Note: I worried the encounter was too powerful when I was setting it up.

With Izzrik joining the party, the assault on Durganza’s lair began. The dragon gambled and tried to square off with Hugh, Lita, and Izzrik. Nearly killing Lita, Durganza was repeatedly struck by magic and then Merlin’s summoned shadow serpent laid into the dragon. It was over quickly and the dragon’s kobold allies died as well.

With the tribe liberated, a feast of dragon flesh ensued. Members of the party are now considered members of the tribe and all left with souvenirs of the dragon, skin, teeth, claws, and scales.

Carrying back with them to the crannog a letter from Izzrik, stating his intention to have the lizardfolk and the crannog begin a new era, where trade replaces raiding.

Drogoto informed the party that they will be able to leave soon and that they will be joined by the swamp shaman M’Oreth as they travel to Dhaman.



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