The Imperium

Drogoto's Return (part 1)

Making friends in a new town!

D.M.’s Note: Not exactly how I planned for the evening to go, but man was it fun.

The party left Wyrth Crannog to continue their trip to Dhaman on their quest to help recover Drogoto’s treasure. During the trip, Drogoto told about the city of Dhaman and M’Oreth told about visions and prophecies about T’Neth Dranor and what could happen if they don’t have a king on the throne.

Drogoto was planning on meeting with his former associate Pasha, as she is needed to recover his treasure. She was supposed to be meeting him at the docks when they arrived. When the ship arrived though, only the dock workers were present to greet Drogoto and the ship. Drogoto remembered that Pasha and he used to hang out at the Wrecked Galleon Inn, so the group headed off that way.

After arriving at the inn, the party soon found out that Pasha was last seen 3 days ago in the company of some hobgoblins. Luckily for the party, the hobgoblins returned for a meal that evening. They wore on their clothing an insignia that Lita recognized as a symbol of Bane, the Dark General. Drogoto fished around for information and turned up that these men were part of a group called the Kovar Tellris. The Kovar Tellris is some sort of paramilitary group that is trying to take over the city and have designs on the kingdom.

After an attempt to bluff the hobgoblins failed, the party and the group of Kovar Tellris ended up in a street battle. One goblin survived, but the party returned to the ship to rest and regroup.



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