The Imperium

Drogoto's Return (part 2 & 3)

Rescuing Pasha from the Kovar Tellris

DM’s Note: So this actually took the 4/14 and 4/21 sessions but why is that a big thing right?

The party is awoken the morning after the street fight to find officials from the city there to question them about the fight. Apparently the officials have been having issues with the Kovar Tellris and were not only willing to absolve the party of any crime, but ended up hiring the party to help drive the Kovar Tellris from Dhaman, offering bounties for payment.

They help point the party in the direction of the blood trail left by the fleeing goblin, which the party followed. Tracking down the goblin, he was quickly interrogated and dispatched. Then began the assault on the warehouse headquarters.

After moving through some sentries on the upper floors and dealing with a couple hobgoblins, the party moved down stairs to find Pasha bound and bleeding and a bugbear torturing her. They took the fight to the bugbear, leaving him to die in a burst of Lita’s radiant energy and Merlin’s fiery magic.

Pasha was freed, though something was off. Lita inspecting and healing the wounds Pasha had received noticed they didn’t seem like much more than something superficial. The party was skeptical and knocked out, bound, and bagged the goblin.

Returning to the Fortune, the party told Drogoto and a plan was hatched to keep an eye on Pasha while playing off like they trust her. The party was told to buy what supplies they needed that day, because the next morning they were heading out to recover Drogoto’s treasure.



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